Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Robert Littal, Shut the Hell* Up


Ya know, this is a sports and humor website, so I try not to lay serious stuff or over-analyzed garbage on you. But some circumstances really call for it.

Remember the hit by Hines Ward on Cincy's Keith Rivers that would knock him out for the season? Pretty sick, right? Well, some fool likens Hines to a dirty player because of it.

Breathe in...breathe out.

I'm gonna go Fire Joe Morgan on this one, guys.

Yeah I said it. Even though the bias mainstream sports media won't. Hines Ward is a dirty player. He is a headhunter who likes to think he is tough because he can block someone when they aren't looking. That really makes him a tough guy.

Fantastic. Chinedum Ndukwe's argument exactly. Free thinker, this Robert Littal.

And forget that Rivers' replacement Brandon Johnson said the following about the hit:

"It was a good block. If I was in Hines Ward's shoes, I probably would have taken the same shot. You can't really blame him."

That was Rivers' replacement...

He cries about getting fined when he is doing blatant helmet to helmet hits like he did to Keith Rivers.

"Doing" blatant helmet to helmet hits? Couldn't find a better action verb in your Roget's? And what is blatant about the hit? When I watch your video, it looks like Hines leads with his shoulder. Hmmm, isn't the neck, head and helmet attached to the shoulder? I've never met this mystery man who could keep his head out of a massive shoulder block! He must be magic! Hopefully, that Roget's is a combination Thesaurus/Dictionary, so you can look up the word blatant. But I guess Robert has the ability to decide what is clear and prominent, above everyone else, during that play.

And he didn't cry. He asked the league why an unflagged play resulted in a fine. You've never felt slighted? And when you have, you sat around and did nothing about it?

He didn't break Rivers jaw with his arm, but his helmet, but you will see the media make all type of excuses for him:

"He is just playing hard"
"He is just a competitor"
"He is a warrior"

No! The proper term for Ward is a:

"Cheap shot artist"

Again...read above about the arm/shoulder/helmet "argument." Were you on the field? How do you know what did and didn't break someone you never met's jaw. Please, this is the Internet...at least quotes sources or link to a professional.

And about the media, I guess that link from above wouldn't quote Ndukwe, and only stick to BENGAL'S COACH MARVIN LEWIS saying that the hit "was not a foul." Seems pretty fair to me, giving both sides and all.

But nice job with the cute nickname at the end. I'd venture to guess that you're one of those sheep who constantly point out that Ward was on that dirty players list on SI a few years back. You know, the one voted by the players. The one that, if you read further, shows that the same number of guys voted for a player in Kyle Turley that hadn't played in the league in two years. The same poll that didn't register a single vote for Albert Haynesworth, even though dude was serving a suspension for stomping on Andre Gurode's face. "But that poll was done in the preseason before that Gurode incident!" Prior to the poll, Haynesworth used the offseason to kick former teammate and current Steeler Justin Hartwig in the chest.

Yeah...that poll.

Pretty reliable.

The thing that bothers more than anything else is that he celebrates injuring other players.

No, he doesn't. That's baseless rumor. You've used a generalization to make your point. If you don't follow the Steelers, then keep the players' names out your mouth. Remember the Ed Reed hit? Everyone makes a point to say Hines was celebrating when it seemed to me like he was actually signaling to the Ravens bench for help because he knew Reed was injured. Whose opinion is right? Yours? Mine? The thing is, I didn't try to pass mine off as fact.

But so what if he smiles and gets excited when he MAKES A PLAY? Where's the article ripping Shawne Merriman for that stupid Light's Out dance everytime he sacks the QB? Where's the outrage when defensive guys are hopping around and pumping their chests after making a routine tackle? Joey Porter makes a play and does his patented leg kick. At least write about that. But an offensive guy likes to take pride in sacrificing his body and making plays that most WRs wouldn't and he's hated on by the masses. Looove the double standard.

If any other wide receiver in the league would do that they would be buried, but not Ward he gets a free pass.

No. That's more generalization. Bad form.

Show me a block where he takes someone out going face to face.

Again, watch that Ed Reed block. I'll even post it here.

Looks to me like two guys face to face. Ward runs with the guy covering him, then destroys another defender who is trying to make a break on the ball carrier. Offensive guys are just supposed to let their teammates get killed without trying to do something about it?

He should be fined and suspended because if that was Chad Johnson that is what would have happened. Don't be blinded I see the truth and the truth is Hines Ward on the field is a classless individual who smiles at injuring players.

I'm trying not to pull out my hair while reading repeated generalization after generalization.

If you have a problem with the way Hines smiles...which he does after EVERY play, then write a bullshit article about that. Write that you hate his face. Write that his smile sickens you. Don't write lies that he smiles at injuring players. That's weak by anyone's count.

If I had a son I would much rather him wear a Terrell Owens jersey than Hines Ward one. The reason being you can teach a child when to close his mouth but his character has to come from within. When it comes to character on the field Ward has none.

Wow, you'd rather your son wear the jersey of a guy who spit in another grown man's face and undercut multiple QBs and coaches? Over a guy you just don't like? Yeah, character comes from within, but also from role models and parents. If I had a kid, I'd most certainly tell him to wear the jersey of a spitter and a locker room cancer over a guy who was given a hero's welcome in Korea. Joke.


If you don't know what you're talking about, don't put it into print. Keep the grade-school knowledge off the Internet. I hate that I even had to acknowledge this piece of crap write-up and feed into this attention lust, but these pathetic arguments against Ward cannot go unchecked anymore.

*I refrain from using a certain harsher four letter word on this site, but you tempted me, man.



Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

It was a clean hit, and it wasn't helmet to helmet. Ward hit Rivers in the sternum and upended him every which way from Three Rivers. Check the video. Welcome to the NFL, Rivers. Your head had to be swimming.

matt owns a hines jersey said...

I think you stole dude's heart right there. Solid work my friend.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Problem is, most defensive players see the WRs as big babies not wanting to block, because they won't be able to perform their next Touchdown Celebration. So the defensive players run down the field to tackle the ball carrier, not when Hines is on the field. If he can throw a block to gain an extra yard, he's going to, looks like that block on rivers gained a lot more yards because of that block.

I wish I would have seen the game.

Sheena Beaston said...

and I just became irate

hulk mad!

tecmo said...

JPPB - Exactly. Which is why I fail to understand "blatant helmet to helmet hits."

matt - Thanks, man.

GFD - Is like I said...defensive players make that play and run off pumping their chests. Hines makes the play and it means he's dirty. The math is all there...

Sheena - Yeah.

Rachel said...

Amen, it all had to be said.

Just because all the other WRs are babies doesn't mean Hines should be penalized. He's playing football how football is supposed to be played, and making big plays that allows our offense to score. It's sad that these douchebags are have to be jealous.

And nevermind that Terrell Suggs has reissued the "bounty" on Hines. Just let that slide. Because a physical, pre-meditated threat -- not dirty at all. Right?

Bonafide sports expert CeeJay said...

I love how he calls himself a "bonafide sports expert" on his site. Because if he didn't, there would certainly be no way to tell that he knew anything about football.