Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker


We lost. I'm over it. In trying to find the silver lining, I only came up with one positive. A win might've exhausted the team, and the excitement and energy spent could have hurt the team down the stretch. But that's just me rationalizing.

Tale of the tape: Awful defense. Underlying theme: FGs come back to bite you.

Oh, and some awesome anonymous Patriots fan decided to show up after the game spewing traditionally ignorant and irrelevant New England bullshit (I edited some of the content. For the kiddies).

Anonymous said...
Pats ruuuuullleeeeee.....Anthony who?????WHERES MY MONEY BACK?I've been to Pittsburgh and your town smells like a thousand Afghanee assholes!!! What a shitty place to live, loosers!
December 9, 2007 8:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Like it or not, both Afghanee assholes AND the city of Pittsburgh smell like shit....You can deny it all you want, but...I GUARANTEE IT!Here's a thought...Why don't you f**king p***ies do something productive instead of ranking on Patriot nation every other second. It makes me all the more satisfied when the Pats kick the living shit out of your pathetic nobody Steelers.And by the way, I took I-90 all the way out to Erie and then went to Pittsburgh the day after:All I gotta say is your entire f**king state is filled with the worst f**king smell and the shittiest f**king view I have ever seen in my entire life. Its no wonder everyone who lives there is a pathetic, depressed peice of shit who should have been killed as a fetus. Im sure your skank whore mother regrets you to this day.
December 9, 2007 11:45 PM

I thought Cleveland fans were bad. With our recent domination over the Brownies, I think New England fans are now enemy #1. Please...someone call Steelers fans classless one more time.

I'm gonna do this quick. The mistakes were so glaring that its not gonna take much to explain.

Ben. Played well. Didn't finish drives, though. 13 points should've been 21. Plus, that goal line stop hurt as well. Bruce Arians is partly to blame. Ben gets 3 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

RBs. Aside from Ben, they were the only other bright spot. Willie went over 100 while Najeh was looking like a WR. 3.5 out of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Bruce Arians. He is the most uncreative Offensive Coordinator. The only time he tried to do something creative was on the goal line with the WR handoff. You don't need to be creative on the goal line. Just punch it in. 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Willie Colon. Wow. My first-ever 0 of 5 motorcycle helmets. Vrabel was offsides on several of the plays, but Willie looked horrible.

Secondary. I thought Troy being out wouldn't make this big of a difference. Ty Carter played well in his place the past few weeks, and Anthony Smith was starting to come into his own. However, a veteran like Troy wouldn't bite on the repeated play fakes like the younger guys did. With Troy, some of those long passes are negated, and we have a different ballgame. 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Rest of D. Why did no one hit Welker when he first came off the line? You have 5 yards to beat the snot outta him. Philly and Baltimore did just that, and made the game competitive. We didn't. That, added to no pressure on Brady makes for a lethal combination. I'm hoping Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau were holding some of their cards in case the two teams meet again in the postseason. 2 of 5 motorcycle helmets. That was awful defense.

I hope New England goes undefeated. WHAT! DID YOU JUST SAY THAT, TEC?!?!?! Yes. Go 16-0. I don't give a shit. That'll just make it so much more bitter when they lose in the playoffs. No team that passes that much will succeed in January. Everyone was writing off Green Bay earlier in the season because they had no running game. Their's is back on track. But I'm sure Maroney and Faulk can just get to normal speed in January after barely being used in September through December.

Jacksonville next week. 9-5 would suck. We better bounce back ridiculously fast.



Cotter said...

Hey man, by tolerating that kind of idiocy by Pats fans, you're enabling it. Don't you ever watch Dr. Phil?

PS - Anonymous comments take large balls...not.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

F Dr. Phil.

I like to put Anonymous commenters on blast so they can't hide behind their stupid comments on old posts. I've done it before and I'll continue to do it.

And they give me a good laugh.

Laughing rules.

TheStarterWife said...

Bruce Arians is completely to blame. I even tried to rationalize those moves by re-drawing the plays - and I cannot call x's and o's to save my life - and neither one of those goal line calls made any sense.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

That fade pattern just needs to fade away. Either that, or put Spaeth out there to create a size mismatch.

As for the end-around at the goal line, that call just broadcasts to the world that you have no confidence in your interior offensive line (ahem, Mahan, cough) to open lanes up the middle.

Chris said...

terrible goal line calls. can you believe that the game was 17-13 at the half? Man, that sucked.