Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pittsburgh Colts Dance Team Is Clutch


Funny Shit!!!!

Hey guess what? Training camp starts in a week, the Penguins signed some people and the Buccos offense looked hot last night. So today, I'm going to discuss...the Pittsburgh Colts.

The semi-pro team is playing their home games at Cupples Stadium on the South Side, home to our Pittsburgh Passion. It was in looking for more info on this team that I found the above video. Its from last season, but I've never seen it. And since its from Webshots, I doubt you've seen it as well.

First off, dance teams rule. I literally have no problem with dance teams (except for my high school letting a weird dude onto the squad in one of my last years there).

I'm not going to lie, though...I could probably rock out most of those moves, save for maybe the assisted cartwheels. I'm guessing these are the chicks, most likely from the Pittsburgh DancExplosion (I see how they did that).

So yeah, watch that video while I try to convince you that this isn't a completely bullshit post to keep you occupied. I'm going to go study the game film and cut a rug.



sheena beaston said...

i like the sliding leg sweep the best

Anonymous said...

Just so you are aware.... this video was posted by a former players girlfriend. This routine is also from Kid's Night where we had to tone down our performance and were not permitted to deliver our usual stand out performance which included moves that you would usually find in a routine similar to any professional dance team of the NFL or NBA. Maybe do some more research next time or actually come out to a game and see what we are capable of before incouraging the behavior of an 18 year old girl with nothing better to do.

tecmo said...

Let us decipher this comment.

First off, "incouraging" is not a word.

If you mean "encouraging," thanks. However, from the tone of the comment, I think you mean "discouraging." However, I 'm not discouraging anything. Or making fun of anything/anyone specifically. I found a video during a slow sports-news time and posted it. Its a sports and humor blog, so if you can't take a joke, I suggest you don't leave idiotic comments. YOU do some research before you ramble on about nothing.

Don't take yourself so damn serious.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I was in a hurry and some people have a real life other then creating a blog about mini ponies. Stay in your mom's basement watching free porn and leave the real world alone.

And Encouraging is positive, discouraging is negative. You were positively influencing an 18 year old. Do yourself a favor and get your GED.

tecmo said...

Awesome, am I eating Bagel Bites and asking Mom for more grape Kool-Aid in your cool fantasies about my totally sweet life? I'm glad you don't have time to check your grammar, but have oodles to wonder aloud about someone you don't even know. And enough to actually get mad at something on the Internet. You should probably spend more time thinking about your "argument"...

...You know, rather than recycling the same tired stereotype about living in Mom's basement. Your utter ignorance makes it impossible to take anything you say with any shred of decency, Anonymous. I'd respond with some quip about you living in a trailer and collecting your welfare, but that's gonna get us nowhere.

A quick look at the FAQ on the left hand side lets you know that my college degree will take the place of the need to get my GED. But I'm sure you've already done that, research-king.

And "positively influencing" is a good thing. Either you still suck at grammar, can't formulate a simple sentence or totally misunderstand words altogether. Which one is it? No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, big money, STOP!

/still don't understand why you're pissed off in the first place. there's no insults to the dance team, just me posting a video that didn't have a vehicle before.

Anonymous said...

Why post it?

tecmo said...

Why not?

Who am I insulting? Myself, saying I'm going to practice dance moves when I'm not a dancer.

What privacy am I invading? None. If it was private, it wouldn't be on one of the largest picture and video hosting websites. Go look at the Webshots page, it gives an embed code. If the videographer didn't want it viewed by others, it wouldn't be online and there definitely wouldn't be an embed option so others could use it.

There's no discouragement at all. Check through my archives, you'll find that I cover the Pittsburgh Passion women's football team and have made mention of the Pittsburgh RiverRats. Would a small, semi-pro team like the Colts object to free pub? Or can beggars be choosers?

But I guess I'll take you at your word, Anonymous. Since you like using that moniker, I'll go ahead and assume that this is you.

I await your stunning reply.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: This video within your blog has no connection or relevance to Pittsburgh DancExplosion. Pittsburgh DancExplosion is a dance studio for youth, not affilated with the colts dance team. PDE students were invited to dance at halftime, that footage is not our students.