Thursday, June 21, 2007

Inside the Athletes Studio: An Interview with Torina Henley


PSaMP is proud to stay on the cutting edge of Pittsburgh sports. As your official unofficial Pittsburgh Passion blogger (My own title. I made it up myself), I've been happy to bring you, the reader, Passion updates from each Pittsburgh victory this season. The team finished a stunning 8-0, and the ground attack was headed by the 3-H group of QB Lisa Horton and RBs Torina Henley and Lyndsi Hughes.

Torina (pictured above) needed a good showing in the season finale against the Central PA Vipers to break the 1,000 rush yard mark for the season. Henley dug deep, and amassed 176 yards, as the team blanked the Vipers, 77-zip. Her 1,012 yards on the ground led the team this year, and she added 20 TDs on the ground. Word is the Steelers are looking to sign Henley to compete with Najeh Davenport, Kevan Barlow and Fast Willie Parker. I jest...

However, Torina was nice enough to let PSaMP pick her brain, and now you, the reader, get to find out what really goes on in the mind of a humble team leader in the NWFA. Without further ado, here is PSaMP's interview with the remarkable Torina Henley.

Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions! Are you originally from Pittsburgh?

Yes, I am originally from the North Side of Pittsburgh.

How did you first find out about the NWFA and the Passion?

One of my teammates heard about it while at work when they first announced there would be a team forming here in Pittsburgh.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

Yes. I ran track, and played basketball, softball, baseball. You name it, I played it!

Pittsburgh fans love their hard-working, blue-collar sports teams. Do you think the Passion fit in with this mold?


Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?

No superstitions, but I do tend to sleep late the night before games! (smile)

If you could play another sport professionally, what would it be?

I would be a professional sleeper....I don't get enough of it...I will get back to you on that one.

Can you name an untold story about the team that people might not know?

The first time we scrimmaged Cleveland, we didn't have a clue as to what we were up against! They woke us up! They punished us and beat us bad. (PSaMP side note: Pittsburgh swept Cleveland this season! Take that, Fusion!)

Do you consider yourself an "in between the tackles" runner, or would you rather break one to the outside? And what's more fulfilling, breaking a long run or scoring a touchdown?

I am a little bit of both. If the hole is there, I take it. If not, I will hit the outside...FAST! And breaking the long run is more fulfilling. It lasts longer! (smile)

Do you model your game around another football star, or would you rather stand out as a unique player?

No, I don't model my style around any other football stars. We are all unique in our own way.

8-0 is pretty impressive, was that a goal coming into the season? And is there anything you wish you did differently this year?

The undefeated record was a goal, thanks to our coaching staff. (smile) And I wish I gained a little more weight. At least another 10 pounds or so. I play at 163 lbs right now, so its a little light.

June 23rd is officially Pittsburgh Passion Day in the City of Pittsburgh. Did you ever think the Passion would get this kind of recognition?

No, I never thought this would happen while we were still playing. I thought maybe once we were all old and wrinkled!

The regular season is over. How are you and the team putting the regular season success behind you? Do you build on those successes or wipe the slate clean and start from scratch? And what do you know about your upcoming opponent, the Erie Illusion? Will the Passion beat them?

The slate is wiped clean and we're starting new. This is Erie's first time making the playoffs, just like us. We know that they are gonna try their hardest to beat us, so we know they will be gunning for us. And yes, the Passion will win!

The fans love you. Is there anything else you want to say to all the Passion fans out there?

Thanks for all of the support, and please don't stop coming to the games because we can't do it alone. Not without the best fans in the world!

Before I let you go, what else do you want everyone to know about you and the team?

There are no stars on our team, only hard workers, mothers, role models and professional athletes who want this sport to be taken serious. We are one team, one unit, and when we stand, we do it as a team. Together. If there comes a time when we fall, we will do that together as well. I am not our superstar. I am just one part of the Pittsburgh Passion, and I am damn proud of it!

- Torina One-Two Henley



south-fl-steel said...

great interview! thanks for bringing us info on the passion all season. her attitude makes me like this team even more. get more interviews from other players.

oh, also really like your site!!

smarchit said...

Thanks for a great interview Torina, and to PSaMP for the excellent continued coverage of the Passion all season. These ladies work long and hard on the football field, in addition to their regular full time jobs and family duties, and deserve all the credit they receive.

As for the question of this week's first round playoff opponent, Henley may never publicly admit to it and provide bulletin board material, but as a fan, I'll gladly and confidently lay it out on the line...

A PASSION VICTORY AGAINST ERIE SATURDAY NIGHT IS GONNA BE AS EASY AS 1-2......SIX!!!! The ol' 1-2 is gonna be in the endzone all night long!!!

Adi said...

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