Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yes. There Are Two John Duffy's At ESPN Radio


When the story of an ESPN announcer being charged with kiddie porn, I wrote a short post about the incident.

What I, and the rest of the world, didn't know, is that there are two John Duffy's who work for ESPN Radio.

I posted a picture of a John Duffy who worked for a local ESPN Radio affiliate, because how many do you expect to come across in your life with the exact same credentials?

Anyway, the Trib took notice of this uncanny problem, and wrote a story to help distinguish between the two Johns.

What's in a name?

A whole lot of grief, if it happens to be "John Duffy."

There are two of them in their 40s in the Pittsburgh area who have worked as commentators for ESPN Radio. One of them -- John Duffy, 46, of Carnegie -- was indicted last week on child pornography charges.

The other -- John Duffy, 42, of Upper St. Clair -- is a sports medicine physical therapist in Scott.

In my quick research, I posted a picture of the 2nd John Duffy, primarily because his specs fit the bill. He was named John Duffy, was in his 40s, and worked for ESPN Radio. It would be hard to not take it for what its worth. I want to say this right now, though...THE JOHN DUFFY PICTURE I POSTED IS NOT THE JOHN DUFFY WHO GOT BUSTED FOR KIDDIE PORN!

Unfortunately, this confusion never would have taken place if the John Duffy in question never looked at kiddie porn. However, I apologized to the physical therapist-John Duffy in the comments section of my original post, and I'll do it again. I'm truly sorry to that John Duffy, and I never wished to complicate his personal life.

If you've looked down on the innocent John Duffy, don't As you can tell from my own experience, its easy to get things twisted.

I hope this John Duffy can resume his normal life, free from the pressures/confusions caused by his name twin.

The other John Duffy, if found guilty, can rot for all I care.



Anonymous said...

I only look down on semi-anonymous "writers" who blog salacious snark without doing the proper research. You should be ashamed, Vincent.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

You "look down" on me? Who are you, you self-righteous slimeball?

And define salacious snark.

Is it making an honest mistake becuase two guys share the exact same name, location, age and employer, and then posting multiple apologies for the confusion? Or is it annonymously posting bullshit insults because a) you're too lazy to put your own voice on a website of your own or b) you don't want other people to see your own weak voice.

I'd like to see you not make the same mistake given the specifics at the time, Vincent.

It would be salacious if I was purposely trying to profit off of the the innocent John Duffy, rather than accidentally posting a picture and removing it as soon as I found I was wrong.

And look at the big picture. If the other John Duffy wasn't looking at disgusting kiddie porn, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Instead, get mad at me for an honest mistake. The other guy is alright.

Don't bring that weak shit up in here without expecting a respone.

Anonymous said...

I have a website, just like you.

And just like you, I choose to remain anonymous on "Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies".

I mean, come on. You're 22, but you're copping to "Tecmo Bo"? What, were you playing when you were four years old?

Just whose weak voice is being masked here?

You helped to assassinate the character of an innocent man by posting his photo on your site, forever linking him to child pornography.

You're right, I would have made the same mistakes at the time. I also didn't broadcast my ignorance, and almost wreck an honest man's livelihood in the process.

How you blame your own carelessness on the guilty Duffy himself?

Keep up the pedestrian work.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

I do feel sorry for making a mistake (key word, mistake). For that I apologized. Several times. Only a fool wouldn't feel bad.

But you accuse me of being the reason that the innocent Duffy is attacked? The photo was up for just over an hour. 60+ minutes. You're saying that my limited audience, let alone the handful of visitors who came to my site in that window, is the sole cause of the problem. You can't be that ignorant.

The Trib even wrote an article because of the fact that the 2 guys could be confused. Even the U.S. Attorney's office released the picture of the guilty Duffy, a rare occurance in a kiddie porn case, because of the closeness in the 2 guys' specs. You think they did that because of a post on a small sports and humor blog about little horses? Come on. But I guess an anonymous commenter on that blog is smarter and more resourceful than a major local newspaper and the U.S. Attorney's office.

And you seem to have way too much of a problem with my alias. What, you want my name, location, social security number? Its called symbolism. Who's the best at Tecmo Bowl? Bo. As a humor site, I refer to myself as the best blogger who writes about sports and little horses. My alias is an homage to the best video game character of all time. Get past the face value, chief.

Its not masking my voice. All my thoughts are out in the open, for the reader to read/decide. Even you are using my platform to attack my passion while you sit behind a veiled wall of anonymity. And you hypocritically blast me for doing the same.

Think...and next time you won't sound so ignorant.

And grab a dictionary before you accuse me of being salacious.

Anonymous said...

It's not called symbolism. It's called faux-clever laziness. Your site has nothing to do with video games.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you've never played Tecmo in your life, and that you're just riffing on a Bill Simmons column from five years ago.

If you could figure out who's the best equine fetishist, then you'd be on to something.

Am I a hypocrite? Maybe. But I'm a lot like you, and I'm the first to acknowledge it.

You choose not to. You're using an alias on your own site.

Be a man and take accountability for your actions, or shut your mealy mouth and go back to Photoshopping hackneyed images and playing celebrity lookalike.

Finally, who are you to anonymously attack anyone? You attributed horrible acts to an innocent man, and then can't find a better apology than: "Whoops, honest mistake!"

I'd say you're a joke, but jokes are funny.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Keep trusting that Spidey Sense, man, and then say I don't research before making accusations. It seems I've offended the video game you were firing knuckle children off to while trying to prove that Christian Okoye was better than Bo. And I don't read Bill Simmons, so I have no idea what you're talking about.

Look at 99% of sportsblogs and say that other guys don't use aliases on their sites too. Next, you'll call Mark Twain a dick for painting a false image of himself in little kids' minds.

And who are you, the morality police? I've apologized twice, but that's not good enough for you. You obviously know when people aren't sincere enough, and go around judging their apologies? I'm sorry that I'll never live up to your self-righteous level.

The Good Book says not to point out the splinter in your neighbor's eye without taking care of the log in your own. How about you go take care of the skeletons in your own closet before you judge me. Or are you perfect, and that's why you have such a problem with me.

And you hate me and my site so much...but you keep coming back. I appreciate the reads.

And great dig at the end, there. I love your originality.

"Finally, who are you to anonymously attack anyone?"...as you do the same thing. You say that you are just like me...then you inslut me. In essence, you are insulting yourself. Classy. Tell me to shut my mealy mouth on my own site. You're the one who opened this can. I'll talk as long as I want.

Thanks for calling me clever. I'll treasure that compliment forever.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain was a pseudonym, not an alias.

All you offer in your defense is bathroom humor and a series of ad hominem attacks.

Again, great job deflecting all blame for labeling an innocent man a pedophile.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

You don't get it. At all.

You're posting slander against me on a post designed to offer apologies/clarity.

And I only go ad hominem because you refuse to look at the facts.

Here's the facts.

-I made a mistake.
-I immediately corrected the mistake as soon as I found that I was wrong and offered an apology.
-I wrote a second apology.
-You arrive and lay misguided insult after misguided insult.

You're appointing yourself as the harbinger of right, and are so quick to defend a man who doesn't need your help. Did you read the comments in the original post? Apparently not. If you did, you would've seen that the innocent Duffy took the time to comment on the issue. Since you've decided to ignore this fact, I'll reprint it so you can see:

John said...

Gentleman: I am the John Duffy who owns the PTupdate.com website, and evidently had his picture posted here. I have been a commentator on the Saturday morning ESPN golf show, and serve as director & physical therapist at the NovaCare South Hills Sports Medicine Clinic in Scott...just a few miles from where this guy lives in Carnegie

Far too many similarities have created a real mess, especially for parents of children I have treated, and of course my patients themselves. I ask that everybody be sensitive to this, and help make clear the distinction between the two John Duffy's. Attached is an article the Trib published today, which hopefully assists in damage control:


July 26, 2007 7:49 AM

Does he sound abrasive? Is he laying blame on me for making a mistake in what he aknowledges as "far too many similarities?" Did he come to you to correct all problems?

No. He respectfully aknowleded the mistake and tastefully asked that I help "clear the distinction."

And I did just that, out of respect. And you sit here blaspheming me on the exact same post.

So where does this end? With each additional comment, you sound more and more like an ignorant fool.

Anonymous said...

These are not insults, nor are they misguided.

By definition, the web does not forget.

This innocent man's photograph will always be tied to child porn, and you are the sole individual responsible for the connection.

You're the only one who has to answer to that when you go to sleep at night.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Why doesn't the internet forget? Because pricks like you refuse to accept connections between 2 people that you've never met and continue to force honest mistakes into the limelight. And you use my platform as a way to do it.

What you fail to realize is that I could end your little game at any time. I allow anonymous commenting so that anyone can make their voice heard. At any moment, I could disable it to smoke you out of your hole or cut you off at the knees completely. However, I don't subscribe to the "one asshole ruins it for everyone" theory. Think of that before you post another misguided comment. And yes, they are misguided.

I'm the sole reason? And you accuse me of not doing the proper research. What you don't know is the dozens of emails I received after removing the picture from people with links to the exact same website/picture, asking, "Is this the guy?," or "I think this is John Duffy." All these were after the picture was already removed. But I'm sure they sent the exact same picture to me because they saw it on my site and saw that I already said that it wasn't the guy.

And you don't know the assholes who send around emails with the ptupdate website labeled "Pervert!!" But all those people are doing it because of me, since you said so. How about go after the dicks who still accuse the innocent John Duffy rather than the guy who made a mistake, fessed up to it, and apologized.

You tell me to be ashamed, you slander me by calling me salacious, call me pedestrian and immaturely label me as the only reason that people think John Duffy from Pittsburgh, in his 40s from ESPN Radio is John Duffy from Pittsburgh, in his 40s from ESPN Radio. Then you scold me like a parent scolding a child, you pompous, arrogant fleabag. But those aren't insults.

And you haven't responded to anything I've said to this point. You refuse to look at the facts, and base your argument around a played out excuse. The innocent Duffy didn't crucify me for the mistake, but you've bestowed the right to do it yourself. How can you claim that I'm fueling the fire when you're the one who keeps bringing it up?

And I'm not ashamed. Not one bit. For what? Making a mistake and correcting it due to the request of the innocent man himself? Look at the whole story rather than the parts that fit your excuse of an argument.

P.O. said...

haha... knuckle children.. haha

PSaMP: 1

Anonymous: 0

your next poll should be, "Who is the bigger waste of skin, Dave Douchefield or that anonymous guy?"

Jeff Tripodi said...

Wow. You guys are both idiots.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

I agree. Thanks for the insight...