Thursday, August 16, 2007

Steelers Fans To Get First Look At Timmons


You might not know it, Steelers fans, but this is Lawrence Timmons, your first round draft pick in the year 2007.

He is trying to prove that he can be a welcome addition to a team that is emphasizing a change to a 4-3 defense. If done properly, Timmons could play a vital role as a dominant linebacker. There is one obstacle that is preventing this from happening. That obstacle is Lawrence Timmons' groin.

I never thought I would type that. Ever.

To this point, Timmons has shown us fans absolutely nothing since the team drafted him back in April. In the time that Timmons should have been proving himself on the practice field, he has instead become a fixture on the bench. All while he's been riding the pine, second rounder LaMarr Woodley has filled in nicely. In fact, more people are discussing LaMarr Woodley's bright future rather than Timmons'. I am one of those people.

The pundits said the Steelers took Timmons too early. I try to look on the bright side, but Timmons hasn't showed me anything. Correction, he has showed me that he is oft-injured, and isn't a speedy recoverer (don't know if that is a word, but I'll use it anyway). Hopefully, his elongated absence is more precautionary than anything.

But chin up, Steelers fans. This weekend's game against the Redskins will provide you with a chance to see Mr. Timmons in action. This comes fresh on the heels of Bill Parker announcing that he, too, will be ready to play. Rejoicing can be heard throughout Steelers Nation.

Coach Tomlin also stated that the first team should play more against Washington. Thank God.

Without the extra playing time, Ben can shrug his shoulders and blame the lack of cohesiveness on his short outing. We are halfway done with the preseason, and there are still a lot of questions to be answered. Can Ben look good for more than a minute? Will Bill Parker rebound from his knee injury in camp? And most importantly, how the hell will Lawrence Timmons look?

The Skins game should shed some light on how the team might/will look once the season starts. Ben will play more, significantly cutting into his cheerleader routine. Fast Bill will see if his fifth gear is finally back. And Lawrence Timmons will show us who he is.

Good to finally meet you, Mr. Timmons. Now show us what ya got.



smarchit said...

I had a first hand Timmons encounter during the pregame warmups of the Green Bay exhibition game. His sister came down alongside the front rail where I was standing and shouted something to Lawrence, who was between the near sideline and first set of hashmarks. After a few failed communication attempts from the two of them trying to yell halfway across the field, Mr. Timmons finally came over to the edge of the stands for a more civil face to face chat. Alot of sibling chiding from the apparently younger sister, which naturally went in one ear and out the other for the most part. The biggest part of the whole exchange that stuck with me was the following exchange....

Lawrence: "So what do you think of this place?"

Sister: "Huh?"

L: "The stadium...what do you think about the stadium?"

S: (kind of indignantly)"It's ok...I just wanna see the game!"

So let's see...sis could really care less about the environment, and just wants some football, whether it involves her brother or not.

Lawrence, the supposed football player in this whole exchange, who you'd think would be chomping at the bit to just get out there and start to prove himself, showed absolutely no concern about his inactive status, focusing instead on the atmosphere and surroundings.

HOPEFULLY, this was nothing more than a personal mental trick to try to take his mind off of what would seem to be increasing frustration. If not, my continually decreasing expectations of the guy have taken another serious hit towards the negative.

QuickGoat said...

Hey, I just bough madden earlier this week and Timmons is a beast....give him some patience. Oh, wait Madden doesn't reflect real life......oh, nevermind.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

smarchit - Cool story. I hope Timmons was just making small talk with his sis rather than not caring about riding the bench.

Goat - Don't lie. Madden is real life.