Friday, August 3, 2007

Visitor of the Week: August, Baby!


This first visitor actually comes from the end of last week. However, it was too good to pass up. Plus, the visitor came to PSaMP after I posted last week's VotW, soit all works out.

People in Illinois are confused as to why Omar Epps is coaching the Steelers this season.

I met Tomlin up at St. Vincent shortly after he was named head coach. I was impressed by the way he was inspecting the entire facility. Some coaches might have hired an assistant to do the dirty work for them, but Iron Mike was all up in the locker rooms' bidness, looking at all the minute details. Great way to start your career, Mike.

Getting back to the point, he does look exactly like Omar Epps. Me and my buddy Bob kept calling him Mike Epps and Omar Tomlin just for kicks. We are not funny.

There's not much I can say about this second visitor. They found PSaMP by googling "immigrants with ponies."

Kickass PSaMP gateway.



Anonymous said...

ok,its strange...pittsburgh nice city i'm a redsox fan...don't verbally abuse me or anything but i like check out what other sports fans say about there teams and what not.being a sox fan and were really obsessed. i was curious about if fans of other cities were just as messed up as sox fans are. well on my journey so far pittsburgh fans are pretty cool..philly fans there's something wrong there... way wrong...but they made me laugh the most. just how dysfunctional can you get...and i was really hoping it was going to be cubs fans..but i think phillies fans won except for that blog about the bengals...if your a steelers fan you don't want so see heart goes out to pirates fans i remember when i was a kid when willie stargell took the pirates all the way...sad to see where things have ended up...oriole fans did you see the you tube vid w/ the duck...out there..really out due to awful announcing i found this and since you were looking for feed back here it is i hope you don't end up with alot of strange people looking for a beastiality porn site and end up here... i live in northern new mexico i drive by mini ponies everyday on my way to work cool pics i'll check your site out once in a while keep up the good other note thanks for beating the colts on the way to the superbowl...i was behind the steelers all the more note lots of steeler fans out in new mexico

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...
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tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Thanks for the read/comment.

Don't worry, you don't warrant any verbal abuse. That only happens when people leave asinine comments or add absolutely nothing to the conversation. Here's a recent example of what I mean...

Check out the comments here:


I'm glad you like the site. Awful Announcing is great. They were one of the first sites to recogniz me as a legit sportsblog.

Never been to New Mexico, but there are tons of bandwagon Steelers fans everywhere, so New Mexico doesn't really surprise me.

Cool rant, by the way.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...


That link didn't work.

Here it is.


If that doesn't work, the link is here.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks, actually i'm a patriots fan but not all are bandwagon fans and lots of them even visit pitts. because they love your steelers so new mexico there are mostly cowboy and bronco fans...much fun there just start the fight watch the and no i'm not a bandwagan pats fan either....