Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blue Jays Fans Are Creative, Classy


Baseball fans are unique. And original.

Let's get specific, and single out some of our Canadian fan-brothers (if that's even a word). The last interleague series we played prior to the current Yankees series involved another AL East team, the Toronto Blue Jays. I'll forever respect the Jays solely for the Joe Carter home run to win the World Series. Their fans...not so much.

With Freddy Sanchez up to bat, these geniuses decide to give up on the name Freddy, and instead, use the term Dirty Sanchez (language NSFW).

Excuse me while I laugh for a few minutes.

"Ooooh, his first name ends in a Y and his last name is Sanchez. I wonder how we can make something hilarious out of this?"

It was funny the first time. It was funny the second time. Hell, it was funny the third. By now, though, I'm sick of losers thinking they're so damn original by chanting "Dir-ty San-chez."

And according to the Youtube page, these idiots were sitting right in front of Freddy's wife and two kids when they proved how hardass they were. Real classy, dicks. I hope Freddy shows up at their cubicles next week chanting, "Micro-managed, corporate-slaves making minimum wa-ge."

At least they coulda got creative and gone with some of these:

"Ilich Ramírez Sán-chez"

"Ros-elyn Sán-chez"

or even

"Matt San-chez"

Do some research next time, jerks.



Anonymous said...

Because Pirates fans are bastions of originality, humour, and douchelessness.

See the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBDfLjIusPA

Can't wait to see your best player in T.O. after 2009!

tecmo said...

Lighten up, dickhead.

That video would work, if I was somehow defending drunken Pirates fans. But I'm not. As much as I enjoy heckling, I don't condone stupidity and asshat-edness.

Your argument sucks. Later.

Anonymous said...

a little thin skinned? You'd figure Pirate fan would be used to the ridcule by now. Grow up, bitches..

Anonymous said...

Good thing for jays fans or you wouldn't have anyone reading this blog

Anonymous said...

Wait, how do you even know that Freddy's wife isn't into that sort of stuff? Maybe they did do their research you presumptuous dick.

Anonymous said...

Is this the first time the teams have met in interleague play? Then for Jays fans, it would still be "the first time" for using dirty Sanchez. Hence, they would think it would be funny. However, maturity should trump things like that, so the fans should be better behaved IMO.
-brent in Korea

tecmo said...

Holy hell, some people need to lighten up. Its a light hearted jab. Don't take yourself so seriously.

Anon - I'd guess the miffed commenters are the thin-skinned ones if this really pisses you off that much.

atleastyouhav - I'll take your word for it

anon 2 - Maybe she is. The kids, I doubt. Grow up.

brent - Agreed. I only posted this because its a Pittsburgh sportsblog, where people in Pittsburgh have heard it more times than not. I'm all for heckling (we even used to at my high school's girls soccer games back in the day), but at least pick something that isn't so obvious.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

go jays go

Anonymous said...

You should thank them, that's probably the most exciting thing that's happened in PNC since it was built with that embarrassment of a team you've got. Lighten up.

Worst. Chirp. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I met a guy from Pittsburgh once- he was a real asshole. You must be an asshole too.

tecmo said...

eyebleaf - That's a hilarious picture on your profile.

anon - Good use of the word "probably." If you haven't been to PNC, then shut your mouth. You're obviously another person that doesn't get it. I'm a fan. I have no say in how the team does, dickbag. Another worthless comment.

scott - You missed the point. Thanks, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Some friends & I drove down from Toronto last weekend to catch a game and we met some genuinely nice people from Pittsburgh who lightheartedly teased us. Which of course was totally cool but when we got to the game & sat at our seats there was no shortage of ugly, mean spirited, nationalistic, obscenity laden crap hurled at us & all for cheering for our team.
Sure there were some dumb Jays fans there but from our experience it without question went the other way too.

tecmo said...

anon - Finally, a rational, well-thought-out comment! I'm in no way grouping all Jays fans together. Hell, you'll find cool fans and dick fans at any stadium. I just don't understand why people think I'm grouping everyone together, or somehow enabling idiot Pirates fans.

Heckling...fun as hell. Overused, sexually-explicit chants in front of a ballplayer's kids...pretty low.

Thanks for stopping by.

Buck16 said...

Sorry, but how would these Jays fans know those were Freddy Sanchez's kids/wife sitting in front of them? Do they wear signs?

Or do their helmets give them away?

tecmo said...

buck - Read the Youtube description:

"The fans were sitting in front of Freddy Sanchez's wife and two children. Lets just say they weren't pleased."

With the way the video is set up, it seems like the fans knew the videographer, counting down and timing the heckling for the video. And their voices seem pretty close to the videographer. I find it hard to believe some random fan was secretly videotaping just as the fans were chanting.

But cool insult about the kids' helmets. At least you aren't proliferating this ingorance.

Unknown said...

So posting an entry on your blog about an unfunny joke is not being thin-skinned? Really?

Blog Entry: June 28th

OMG, you guys. I was at the baseball game, and these guys made this joke, but it was, like, so unfunny! I didn't LOL at all!

tecmo said...

OMG LOLercoaster!!!1!!!11!!!ONE!!!

Y'all are making this into something it ain't. Its a stupid blog post to highlight something that we've heard a million times over and a ridiculous reason to link to random people on Wikipedia with the last name Sanchez.

The thin-skinned ones are the Drunk Jays Fans blogger who decidedly needed to link to drunk Pirates fans videos as if I'm somehow defending them, and commenters who take themselves way too seriously.

Pirates fans know how old the Dirty Sanchez chant is, Jays fans don't, assholes chant in front of Sanchez's family, I mock them. Its a blog. Grow up.