Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wes Medeiros Rules


Man, what were you doing at age 13? I was probably being a jerk somewhere, picking my ass and rocking out to some Everclear or something. I certainly wasn't kicking NFL-length field goals.

But this isn't about me. It's about Wes Medeiros, who is cooler than me.

Wes killed it at St. Vincent during Steelers camp, when he booted field goals upwards of 45 yards with little to no problem. With Jeff Reed holding. It's one thing to practice hitting lengthy shots at practice by yourself. It's entirely different to do it in front of Steelers Nation at one of the most respected training camps in the country. Are the Steelers breeding their placekicker of the future?

As long as he doesn't take pictures of his naked body, I'm all for it.

Here's another vid of Wes.



Anonymous said...

I was doing the same thing as a high school freshman, and trust me, I'm not in the NFL. Plus, kicking off a tee with a 5-step approach is A LOT different than kicking a real FG (ignoring the fact that, as mentioned, there was no defense). There are 1000 kids his age in America, at least, who can do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

You were doing the same thing as a freshman in high school? Takes big stones to compare your heroic expoits on the grid iron to this kid. You were the man back in your day, huh Al Bundy? Must be tough to look back at those glory days and see what you have become.

tecmo said...

Anon 1 - Pretty cool to compare your crappy hs practices with Steelers training camp, my alma mater. The fans applauded when Clark Haggans took a dump a few years back. The pressure is INTENSE.

Anon 2 - Good burn

Anonymous said...

first of all Al...Bundy that is....the kid is only using a 3 step approach, his fundamentals are very good (ive coached kicking), and the kicks all seem to have good rotation which means he is striking the ball well. Second of all im pretty sure there is no tee there, third he was in front of an audiance, fourth there are not even 100 kids his age who could do that, and fifth you were 2 years older than him when you supposedly could kick a field goal from that distance...so learn to give credit where credit is due

Anonymous said...

I bet Anon 1 is the kid's jealous older brother. He's like Uncle Rico, if the coach only played him they would have won state, then he would have gone to college and found his soul mate. That's one bitter dude.

Anon 2 - Nice.

Greg said...

I've got a 13 year old and I don't know anybody his age that is kicking anywhere remotely close to what this kid is. My son was in awe when I showed him this video. I'm very impressed. And anon 1, give me a break.

King Eljay said...

To Anon 1....

first off....1000 out of HOW MANY KIDS IN America....that's still a small percentage.

2. That's amazing. He wasn't using a 5 step. You can watch the video and see he's doing a 3 step.

3. This kid rocks. And there's a reason why you're not in the NFL. The short version...you're here, and he's actually out doing something, besides criticizing other people.

4. Freshman in HS? That's still a little older than 13...so you still lose.


domski43 said...

this kid needs to enter the punt pass and kick competition.

dare i say, gary anderson?

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