Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gary Roberts Will Check Someone In Half In The Playoffs


(Picture ripped directly from The Pensblog. However, I'm not the asshole who wouldn't credit them)

First things first...I don't like stealing some other blog's inside jokes and using them to make myself look funny and unique. Gary Roberts (and all the myths/urban legends that go with him) is The Pensblog's baby. Several other blogs (not naming names or trying to hate on anyone specific) have referenced Gary Roberts in attempts to be funny/cool, and didn't even give credit where credit is due. I'm not piggybacking on Pensblog's ideas with this title...it is merely what I believe as a Penguins fan.

Lots of people were concerned when Roberts broke his leg. He's old, and prior to his injury, he struggled at the onset of the season. However, before he got injured, I still wasn't worried about his offensive output. Looking back on what he contributed after Ray Shero traded for him last season...he's a guy who is much more valuable in the playoffs. Even if Roberts played all 82 games this season, I would have been okay with no goals and no assists. The man is a playoff force, and frankly, anything positive he gives the team in the postseason trumps any struggles he had prior to breaking his leg.

So my excitement was unparalleled when I heard Roberts was back at (non-contact) practice. He's even practicing more of late (at the bottom of the article).

And I doubt Roberts' presence will do anything to hinder the team's ability to gel as a unit (heh-heh...does anybody wanna see MY unit?). Hell, the team knows this. Roberts hasn't been off by himself during his rehab. The dude's been with Lemieux in the owner's box for games, hanging at practices, even serving food for rich people alongside his 'mates. Its amazing that injuries have forced the team to use 37 different players this season, but the way the Penguins continually produce at a high level kills any thoughts of team chaos. Roberts was a part of that team before his injury...he'll fit right in upon his return.

Gary Roberts has had a lot of time to contemplate just how he's going to make his voice heard when he gets back. I expect to see two halves of the same person from the opposing team laying on the ice in the playoffs.

And Gary Roberts skating away with a smile.



Anonymous said...

Which blog was stealing the Gary Roberts/chuck norris jokes?

tecmo said...

Not trying to name names. I could, but its not hard to find.

It wasn't necessarily the Roberts/Norris-style jokes, just mentions of Gary Roberts in a Pensblog-esque voice. Its safe to assume that the legend of Gary Roberts (as we know it today) would not be as big if it wasn't staple on Pensblog. I'm just not a fan of people ripping the same style of praise and acting like its their own ideas.

Anonymous said...

I read the pensblog religiously which is why I want to know which blog it was. I get that you don't want to cause waves but you also shouldnt make claims unless you have some evidence to back it. Let us know so Gary Roberts can reverse the spin of the earth, go back in time, and beat those suckers. :-)

tecmo said...

I, too, am a rabid Pensblog reader...and have been for as long as I can remember.

Claims do have evidence.

Shoot me an email if you're THAT concerned.

Anonymous said...

I am that concerned. I hate plagiarism. Email sent.