Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Arizona Cardinals Are The Pittsburgh Xplosion


Yes, you read that right. I did just compare a tiny local basketball team to an NFL squad. If you can call the Arizona Cardinals an NFL squad, that is.

Recently, I heard that Arizona had picked up former Steeler Clark Haggans. I loved Clark Haggans. Completely respect everything he brought to our organization, but there wasn't cap space to sign him, and LaMarr Woodley is waiting in the wings.

So he went to Arizona, which is basically the football equivalent of Pittsbugh's basketball team...the Xplosion. In that I mean that local castoffs are forced to play for these teams when there is no other option.

First, the Xplosion. Not only did the team boast local star (WV is close enough to be called local) Kevis Pittsnogle last season, but this year added former Pitt "greats" John DeGroat, Antonio Graves and Carl Krauser. Krauser was even mentioned to be an NBA prospect. That turned out beautifully.

The Cardinals subscribe to a similar theory, mainly because their coach used to work in the Steel City. After taking the Arizona job, Whisenhunt added Jerame Tuman, Sean Morey...and now Haggans. This is in addition to local kid Steve Breaston and Pitt standout Larry Fitzgerald.

Haggans played the free agency field...and was unable to garner an offer. Honestly, its a crime...and Arizona just got a good LB on the cheap. By signing Haggans, though, Arizona adds to their Xplosion-esque mentality of signing the Pittsburgh kids out of familiarity. Nothing against Tuman or Morey...but I doubt that they had multiple offers on the table at the onset of their signing with the Cards.

However...only best wishes go to Clark Haggans. And to the Xplosion...what...the Xplosion were just eliminated from the playoffs? That's more than the Cards can claim, though.



Get Fresh Designs said...

Brian St. Pierre can back up Warner and Leinart. The cards should sign him.

Outsider said...

The Cards did pick up St. Pierre...and why not? The Steelers don't want him.

It's time to grow up. Unfortunately, it's apparent that you just want to say something negative about the Cardinals. The NFL is a business, and there is no shame in picking up players at a reasonable price that can contribute - teams do it all the time. History says the biggest payroll doesn't always win. Football is a team sport that relies on locker-room chemistry and solid coaching. After all, the Patriots won three titles with some bargain-basement performers and Tom Brady. And that's the model to follow if a team wants to be successful AND profitable.

But that's OK - keep the black & gold glasses on and filter the current NFL reality all you want. Save the Pittsburgh Xplosion comments for when the owners opt out of the CBA this year and lock the players out in a couple of years because they cry and whine about players making too much money. Then perhaps even Steelers fans will realize that it won't matter who signed whose players, none of us will be watching NFL games when that happens.

tecmo said...


Don't take yourself so seriously. I want to see the Cards do well. I really do! Its just easy to throw a playful ribbing at a team that can't win even if it tries.

Honestly, I'd take back any of the former-Steelers/current-Cards in a heartbeat.

It wasn't a dig at the Cards, just a realization that both teams are good at picking up "local" guys who couldn't get an offer elsewhere. Haggans was expected to get a flood of offers when he hit free agency, none of which came. ESPN, during the season, even put him on a list of underrated free agents who could make a big impact on a new team. The Cards were a last ditch place to get a contract, though. And its primarily because Whiz is familiar with him.

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