Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker


It's getting tougher and tougher trying to put these games into words. We either play so bad that its impossible to write anything substantial, or we put together the most polarizing offense so that it mystifies the mind.

11-10 Steelers. Yeah, that about sums it up.

It was another day at the office for the league's top defense, but the O is what should've blown everyone's minds. We had a QB go for over 300 with no picks, a century WR and RB, but no touchdowns. I didn't even think that was possible before yesterday.

During that final, game-winning drive, I had to keep reminding myself that we were STILL LOSING! Ben was looking better than he had in weeks, the team was destroying San Diego in all meaningful categories, and somehow we weren't up in the scoreboard. Story of the season so far.

Were the numbers warranted, or did we get lucky on that final drive? How confident can you be in a team that is losing with less than a minute left in the game, but has the other team lapped in all stats. Or do we look at the comeback win as inspiration? Beats me.

Sasso the Giant. I was biting my fingernails when I saw that Sasso already had 25 pass attempts sometime in the third quarter. I knew he was on pace for the 40-some that he ended up throwing, which is enough to make any Steelers fan nervous. But Ben made some clutch, high percentage throws, which was reflected in his zero interceptions and 75% passing efficiency. 300+ yards is great, but he set up no offensive touchdowns, and basically let the D win the game. I can't shit on his game too much seeing that we won, but that doesn't mean I'm not perplexed. 4 of 5 motorcycle helmets for Sasso.

Willie. Glad to have you back. Late in the game, I was pleased to see Arians giving the ball to Willie. Again. And again. One of the reasons we struggled offensively the first half of the years was because Willie wasn't on the field, which removes an entire dynamic from this offense. Still, he comes back and puts up nice numbers, but the offense still isn't in a rhythm. Hopefully, we remember how to put together complete drives now that Willie's back, and the offensive woes die off. 4.5 of 5 helmets. He's the only one that sniffed the endzone.

Hines. If the theme of this win was "PERPLEXING," then Hines embodies this entirely. Cool 125 receiving yards, but how many penalties did the guy have to take? Two rough holding calls and something else (can't remember what that third penalty was...somebody help me out) really starts to overshadow the yards. However, Hines stepped up after that third penalty, single-handedly making up all the yards lost on his way to making the first down. That's grit. But the penalties could've killed us. 3.5 of 5 helmets. I know you'll make up for it, Hines.

D. Aside from that early touchdown, I never believed the Chargers were going to score when they made it into Steelers territory. Like, the entire game. That's how well the D was playing. Pass rusher Woodley made a terrific play batting down a pass in coverage, Ike made a few, and Keisel got to the QB. And Silverback? He needs to be in Defensive Player of the Year discussions. Right away. A sack, safety AND interception. There's really no one that can stop him. 5 of 5 motorcycle helmets for the D. And that's before I even mentioned Troy's amazing pick.

Jeff Reed. Sucks that the perfect season that Cotter and I predicted is gone, but he's killer late in the game. 4 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Bengals like, tomorrow or something. Do we even get a rest?



Hept-Rossi said...

The other Hines penalty was a needless block in the back penalty. The guy he hit was close to Parker, but he wasn't going to be able to make the tackle. That one really hurt.

tecmo said...

Ah, yes. Its all coming back to me now.

That WAS a ridiculous play. Usually I'll defend Hines, but that was a tough one to take.

Digital chest bump

Sheena Beaston said...

4.5 helmets for Jimmy Harry's incredible leaping abilities

and for the fact that i die of laughter every time i see Troy break up that lateral...i liken it to the equivalent of the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall (which, in hindsight, would be an awesome Photoshop rendering i should have produced)

Vern said...

Max Starks = victories

Hooks Orpik said...

Just think of how many more sacks Harrison would have if he wasn't held every single time he rushes the passer.

I think that's what pissed me off about the refs the most: why call offensive holding calls consistently but only on one team? To say Deebo and Woodley weren't getting held is a joke.

tecmo said...

Sheena - Defensive Player of the Year

Vern - Trai Essex = More victories

Hooks - 13 to 2(penalties called on Pittsburgh and San Diego respectively). And the second one was the phantom illegal forward pass on that final play. I think the "conspiracy theories" involving the refs are more than just theories. If I had to watch Silverback get held and then Hines get called for holding one more time, I was gonna yak.

Cotter said...

I think we need to set aside that field goal on account of the fact that Jeff Reed doesn't really get to choose when they kick it.

Either way, at least he's still perfect in being the effing man.